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LOUOJ is World's 1st Bespoke Fashion Aggregator and SaaS for Fashion Industry. For the first time end-consumers can shop custom-made tailored clothing online from any designer/tailor/boutiques of their own choice replacing traditional mass produced readymade clothing. For the first time Buyer, Tailor and Fabric Supplier are brought together in one ecosystem.

how it works?

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Create Your Custom Size

Provide Your Custom Measurements And Instructions Swiftly Using Our Quick And Easy Measuring Tools.

Design To Your Choosing

Design Your Custom Clothing Matching Your Personal Style Using Our 3D Design Tool.

Find Your Perfect Fit

We Guarantee The Perfect Fit Of Every Bespoke Clothing! Enjoy Your Every Monent!

Local Tailors Doesn't Serve Your Styles?

LOUOJ Is Always There For You!

Our process and platform are carefully crafted to help you shop bespoke clothing that precisely fit your body and see exactly how your clothes will look using 3D visualization.

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Insights On

3D View
Of Clothing

3D View

95% Of Clients Prefer 3D Design View Representation Than Video Playback.

Increse In Sales

30% Increse In Ecommerce Sales Conversion By Implementing 3D Visuals.

Reduction In Garments Returns

50$ Reduction In Garment Returns With A 3D Visualization Experience Integrated Into The Website.

Positive Feedback

99% Positive Feedback From The Users Who Are Benifiting From The Platform.


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